Nick Knowles: “I’ll donate my No. 1 song royalties to charity”

9 December 2018, 19:15

In his first interview since leaving the jungle, the presenter thanked Chris Moyles and the team for getting him a Number 1 single.

Nick Knowles says he “laughed his moobs off” when he discovered one of his tracks had reached Number 1 - and that he would donate any royalties to charity. He laughed: “When I put the album out, it was clear fairly soon that people had suffered enough, so for you to run it past them again, I’d better give the money to charity!”

Speaking via FaceTime from Australia, Knowles - who became the sixth person to be voted out of the jungle in this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night - thanked Chris Moyles and the team on the Radio X breakfast show for getting one of his songs to Number 1 in the iTunes chart.

A letter from Knowles’ son T.J. - which was read by his fellow contestant The Vamps' James McVey - revealed that the star had Moyles to thank for getting his cover of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love to the top of the streaming chart.

The message read: "Just to let you know, you owe Chris Moyles a pint as - despite everything last week - him and his radio team managed to get Make You Feel My Love to number one in the iTunes Chart.”

Nick Knowles - Make You Feel My Love

Nick told Chris in his first interview since leaving the jungle: “When I got my letters from my boys in the jungle, and when they said Chris Moyles and his team have got you to number one on iTunes I literally thought they were taking – I’ve gotta be careful – we’re such a wind-up family, I thought they were winding me up about my album.

“And then when I came out and actually it turned out to be true, I could not believe it. And then they showed me the video of you running through the day and it going up the charts and you guys driving it up the charts and honestly, I was literally wetting myself.

“It’s the funniest and most spectacular thing. You’ve done some amazing things, I’ve seen you do some amazing things for Comic Relief over the years and you’re a top lad.

“I’ll tell you now, if there are any royalties that come out of it, they’re all going to go to charities, the military charities I support.”

The DIY SOS star is the latest celeb to be evicted from the reality contest, which saw the likes of former EastEnders star Rita Simons, The Chase's Anne Hegarty and TV star Noel Edmonds compete to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle this year.

He added: “Guys, thank you very much, I really appreciate it. A fantastic laugh, it made me literally laugh my moobs off when I came out.”

Chris Moyles joked: “I think a lot of charity shops are doing a 2 for 1. You get your album and mine at the same time!"

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