WATCH: Chris Moyles and Judge Rinder debate who's more working class!

14 July 2020, 17:43 | Updated: 14 July 2020, 17:46

Judge Rinder & Chris Moyles discuss who's more working class!

Watch as the two chums reunite and get talking about their childhood. Who's had the more humble beginnings? You decide.

Judge Rinder returned as a guest on The Chris Moyles this week and the friends took a trip down memory lane.

In fact, the pair took things so far back that talk turned to their childhood, but things got pretty tense when Chris Moyles suggested Judge Rinder was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!

The pair began a discussion about who is more working class between the two and let's just say things got a bit heated.

Watch the pair go head to head in our video above.

Watch Judge Rinder transform into Anne of Cleaves in our video:

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