Jimmy Carr tells Chris Moyles all about his hair transplant!

12 October 2021, 07:00

Jimmy Carr on the work he's had done

The comedian has been brutally honest with the Chris Moyles Show team about the work he's had done. "I've had a midlife crisis," he confesses.

Jimmy Carr was on the Chris Moyles Show this morning (11 October) and he's been very much in a reflective mood following the publication of his autobiography, Before And Laughter.

For one thing, he's been brutally honest about the cosmetic work he's had done - including work on his teeth and a hair transplant!

"I used to look like a vampire's accountant," he told Chris of why he had the procedure.

"A hair transplant makes it sound like you're waiting for someone to have a motorcycle accident so you can have their hair, but no - they take it from the back of your head and they redistribute it.

"It's very socialist."

"What's happened to you, man?" asks Chris.

Jimmy replied: "What's happened to me? I've had a midlife crisis!"

Jimmyy's new book, Before And Laughter, is out now and his Terribly Funny tour continues across the UK this week. For full tour dates, see www.jimmycarr.com.

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