Chris Moyles delivers a heartfelt thanks to all NHS workers, urges people to join #clapforourcarers

24 March 2020, 12:04 | Updated: 24 March 2020, 18:28

The Radio X DJ encouraged his listeners to join the #clapforourcarers campaign, which will see the nation applaud for one minute this Thursday at 8pm.

Chris Moyles has given a touching and heartfelt message on the NHS and encouraged the nation to join the clap for our carers campaign.

Get the latest NHS advice on Coronavirus

The Radio X presenter has given an impassioned speech in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, and urged his listeners to help recognise all the NHS workers who have worked tirelessly to protect the public by applauding for one minute from wherever they are on Thursday 26 March at 8pm.

Speaking on The Chris Moyles Show on Tueday (24 March), he began: "The UK – and the rest of the world – are going through something, the likes of which has never been seen ever before... as everybody is well aware.

"The spread of coronavirus across the globe has forced us to stop doing things that for so long we’ve taken for granted. Our favourite sports have been postponed, gigs and concerts cancelled, our favourite restaurants, and now shops - all closed.

"We have pressed pause on life as we know it here in the UK."

Moyles continued: "We've being asked to social distance and to self-isolate, and in some cases to not see our loved ones. And although we might be alone, we’re doing this all together to help protect the lives of everybody.

"Yet - throughout all this, there are key groups of people whose lives aren’t on pause – in fact, they’re busier than they've ever been.

"One of those groups are the men and women of the National Health Service. The amazing NHS who are working tirelessly to try and protect us, all of the people in the UK.

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Chris Moyles gives heartfelt speech for all NHS workers for #clapforourcarers campaign
Chris Moyles gives heartfelt speech for all NHS workers for #clapforourcarers campaign. Picture: Radio X

The breakfast presenter added: "Everybody here at Radio X and everybody listening – we want them to know how much they are appreciated.

"Which is why this Thursday we’re going to come together for them. […] We’ll stop everything to take one minute to put our hands together and make some noise for doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and everybody who works for the NHS - the staff who are working hard to help those affected by coronavirus and we want you to do it too.

"You might already be planning on doing it. Tiff [Chris’ partner] talked to me about this a couple of days ago and said ‘we are definitely doing this’.

"So, Radio X, on Thursday night at 8pm. Turn your radio up, open your windows, open your front doors, stand on your balcony, get into your garden if you’ve got a little garden and show your support. For one minute, just clap and cheer and make noise and show all these amazing NHS people that we appreciate everything that they’re doing for us. Join us to create a wave of positivity for all our friends in the NHS and let’s really make a difference as we applaud our NHS heroes.

"Now, I think this is a really lovely thing to do, and if you work for the NHS and you finish a 32-hour shift and get home at a minute to 8pm, it might just push you over the edge into a big emotional ball but we just want to say thank you.

"So everybody, on Thursday evening at 8pm, even if you’re just sat on your sofa, just start clapping. If you can lean out of a window, if you’ve got a garden, if you’ve got a front door and it’s safe to do so.

"We can self isolate and we can make a lot of noise for everybody in the NHS who is working so, so hard. Chances are you know somebody who’s doing it, I know many, many people who work in the NHS […] It affects all of us.

"So Thursday, 8 o’clock at night, we’re going to make some noise for thousands - thousands and thousands - of people that we’ll probably never meet, but just to say thank you for everything that they are doing for us. Thursday night. Eight o’clock.

"Let’s clap for our carers.


Get the latest NHS advice on Coronavirus

READ MORE: Radio X will be taking a minute out to Applaud Our NHS Heroes with #clapforourcarers

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