VIDEO: Chris is in hysterics over Dom's demos from the 90s

3 March 2019, 14:30 | Updated: 3 March 2019, 14:31

This week on The Chris Moyles Show we unveiled one of Dom's early vocal performances, and it's the most cringe thing ever.

This week saw The Chris Moyles Show strike absolute gold as we were introduced to Dom's early demo tapes.

Turns out in the early '90s, Dom was part of an yet-to-be-named band, and luckily they laid down some tracks for us to laugh at almost 30 years later.

Watch our video above and try not to cringe.

Dom is absolutely HATING it but we've never seen Chris so happy!

Dom might have thought that was the most embarrassing thing he's done, but remember when he donned an inflatable spaceman suit to prepare to meet Tim Peake?

No? Well he'd rather forget it too.

Remind yourself of the moment below:

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