Does Johnny Vaughan believe in aliens? Chris and the team find out

23 February 2023, 17:00

Does Johnny Vaughan believe in aliens?

Radio X's own JV has a new podcast, Alien Kidnap Club, and he's admitted he's already had his "portals" opened...

Johnny Vaughan was today's guest on The Chris Moyles Show and he was here to talk about his brand new podcast, Alien Kidnap Club.

Listen to the Alien Kidnap Club podcast on Global Player

In the new series, Johnny sits down with alleged alien abductees and asks the pressing question “ARE ALIENS REAL?”

In a series of six exclusive interviews, Johnny is joined by abductees who claim alien contact has changed their lives forever. Some say they have opened portals through space... and Johnny claims that he's had his own "portals" opened.

In one of the episodes, one of the interviewees had a very special request.

Johnny said: "She asked permission to open my portals inside and speak to my preying mantis chakra. And do you know what, since then I've felt distinctly perkier. I have felt better. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

"She said she was going to unblock something she sensed that stops me doing things. Now, it's one of those general statements... but I felt miles better and I've had loads of energy!

"This is between us - when I left that studio, I stood there for a minute... and hovered. About an inch off the ground."

Johnny Vaughan's Alien Kidnap Club podcast is available on Global Player
Johnny Vaughan's Alien Kidnap Club podcast is available on Global Player. Picture: Global

Well, of course he didn't. But according to Chris, the strength of the podcast is that Johnny is not judgemental: "This is what makes it a good listen. Johnny says, I'll do the chat and you make up your own mind."

"The thing is this," says Johnny: "They're not lying. This is their truth.

"Most intelligent people can say they believe in aliens and that's fine. Until someone offers some evidence, and that's always the thing that's doubted.

"The only other place you can spot that is with religion, where you have people with a sense of a higher power, some kind of supreme being. But if they say they've been having lots of chats with Jesus, that's different."

All episodes of Alien Kidnap Club are available NOW on Global Player

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