Captain Sir Tom Moore's words on optimism are more touching than ever

3 February 2021, 17:26 | Updated: 3 February 2021, 18:02

Captain Tom moore Talks To The Chris Moyles Show

As tributes pour in for the national treasure, we remember the wise words he bestowed on us when he appeared on The Chris Moyles Show.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has sadly died, aged 100, after contracting coronavirus and pneumonia.

The WWII veteran became a national treasure and was knighted after raising over £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.

Now, as the tributes continue to roll in, Radio X is celebrates the centenarian by sharing the message of hope he gave when appearing on the The Chris Moyles Show last year.

Speaking in September 2020 about his autobiography Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day, he told the Radio X DJ: "I've always been an optimist throughout my life and I've had ups and downs, but I've always managed to get through and this statement 'tomorrow will be a good day' is absolutely true."

The late serviceman continued: "Things will get better, whatever happens. I mean at the present time, we're in rather a difficult position, but we shall get through it. We will get to the end of the day and things will get better."

He added: "Never ever ever ever doubt in your mind that things won't get better 'cause they will. They always have done."

What a legend!

Rest easy Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day is out now.

Find out more about The Captain Tom Foundation here.

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