Android apps crashing: Why your phone apps keep closing and how to fix it

23 March 2021, 13:42

Android phone stock image
Android phone stock image. Picture: Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

Android customers have been complaining of their apps including Gmail, Google and Amazon shutting down. Find out why it's happening and how to fix it.

The Apple versus Android debate will always rage on, but unfortunately it was an own goal for the latter this week as users of Androids were experiencing a very irritating bug.

This week has seen some Android users report issues with their smartphones which sees their much-loved apps, including Gmail, Google, Amazon and their important banking apps, shut down consistently.

Is this happening to you? If so find out how to fix it and the alternative way if it still isn't working.

Why are my Android apps crashing?

Google identified the culprit as coming from an Android System WebView update. Android Webview is a system that allows developers to display web pages inside their apps, comes pre-installed on modern Androids and is regularly updated automatically through the Play Store.

How do I stop my Android apps crashing?

Luckily there are two main ways to fix this. The first way is to uninstal Webview in the settings options.

Go settings > apps > tap the three dots in the top right corner > show system apps > search for Android System WebView > tap three dots > select Uninstall updates

Unfortunately some people are unable to see or selecting three dots when finding Android System WebView. The below is suggested instead:

Go settings > apps > Google Chrome > Select Uninstall and it will revert back to factory settings (Please be aware that your tabs and bookmarks won't be saved)

A Google spokesperson has since shared an update, which reads: "We have resolved the issue with WebView that caused some apps on Android to crash for some users. Updating Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play should now resolve the issue."