VIDEO: Joe Thomas On The People You Meet At Every Festival

19 August 2018, 18:10 | Updated: 20 August 2018, 17:48

Sit back and relax as The Festival actor takes us through some of the most popular festival-goer types, with a little help from Toby Tarrant.

Joe Thomas has just starred in a film dedicated to the Great British festival, which is in cinemas now, so it's no surprise he knows a thing or two about the music event.

The Festival star visited Radio X HQ this week and gave us a rundown of some of typical people you might expect to see at the extravaganzas, and he totally nailed it.

And if those 'types look slightly familiar, it's because they've only been demonstrated Radio X's own Toby Tarrant, who gets them down to a T.

We don't know about you, but we've seen plenty of Bumbag Barrys and Wristband Wankers out there, but everyone loves the hippies!

Let's not get started on 'That Guy" though!

Watch The Inbetweeners star explain all in our video above.

The Festival in UK cinemas now.

Watch the trailer for the film, which is brought to you from the makers of The Inbetweeners, below: