Phil Daniels tells Chris Moyles how he got paid for Blur’s Parklife on 25th anniversary of album’s release

26 April 2019, 21:28 | Updated: 26 April 2019, 21:31

Watch the Quadrophenia legend tell the story of how he came to feature on Blur's iconic single 25 years after the album's release.

Phil Daniels has talked about how he came to feature on Blur's Parklife single 25 years on and how he decided to get paid for it.

The album of the same name celebrated a quarter of a century since its release on 25 April 1994 this week, and the actor reminisced to Radio X's Chris Moyles about recording song with Damon Albarn and the Britpop band.

Asked how it came about, Daniels revealed: "I used to play football for[...[ it might have been Melody Maker at the time, and Steve Sutherland was the Editor and the Manager and he said 'some young band are interested in you singing this song'".

The Quandrophenia star added: "I said I haven't really heard of them, but then I got in contact with Damon and we had a chat, and then he sent me a tape and then I went into the studio and did it and it was about 40 minutes and that was it.

"I thought little of it really."

But when Chris Moyles asked him if he took a one-off payment for his feature, the former Eastenders actor replied: "No, I think what I did was I decided to take a cut instead of taking money up front".

Watch him explain all in our video above.

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Phil Daniels talks to Chris Moyles about how he featured on Blur's Parklife single
Phil Daniels talks to Chris Moyles about how he featured on Blur's Parklife single. Picture: Radio X/PA

Taking about some of his great memories performing with the band, he mused: "And I've been all over the world doing it, because Damon always said: 'You can do it whenever you like. I'll tell you when we're going to an interesting country and you can come along if you want'.

"So I've been to Japan, South America, America... All over the place."

Talking about what he does after his famous guest spot on the stage, he added: "Jobs a good'un. Sit behind the drum kit, watch the rest of the band play, sometimes join in with Song 2. It's great!"

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