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When Dave Grohl first announced that, following the death of Kurt Cobain, he’d be starting a new band, the music world was sceptical. Cynicism spread further when Grohl revealed he’d not only be stepping away from the drums, but would be stepping in front of the microphone.

Seven albums and 11 Grammy Awards later and Foo Fighters have left all doubters behind. The band, named after a World War II term for UFOs, have become one of the most accomplished rock outfits in modern music.

Despite various side projects (Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Probot, Tenacious D) Grohl has never wavered too far from the group that gave him his creative freedom.

Over the course of Foo Fighters’ career, Grohl has penned some of the greatest rock songs of his generation. From the desperate romanticism of Best Of You and Everlong, to the adrenaline fuelled All My Life and The Pretender, if Grohl has achieved just one thing since the tragic departure of Mr Cobain, it’s that he’s a genius in his own right.

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