Kasabian get ready for V Festival with motivational songs

Kasabian 2012

The band are set to headline V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire this weekend (22 and 23 August) and have been telling us all about the music they listen to before they play.


 Speaking to Tim Cocker and Producer Jim from Radio X Manchester’s Breakfast Show, Tom Meighan revealed that the pre-gig ritual was “massive”.

“I DJ with my iPad before we go on stage,” he explains, “Just to fire everyone up and get everyone acting like monkeys. Then Serge plays after the set. The music is DEAFENING.”

What’s on the Kasabian play list, we ask?

“Rage Against The Machine, Killing In The Name. That fires us up. Prodigy, Firestarter. Just a mix, man. House Of Pain, Jump Around - that sort of thing.”

It certainly works, as can be seen from this shot taken at Sziget Festival in Hungary last weekend: a man managed to crowd surf… while sitting in a mobility scooter.

“Mate, I didn’t know what was going on,” says Tom of the incident. “We were playing LSF or something and Serge was pointing: there’s some guy on a scooter! They were actually lifting him up and rocking him! I couldn’t get my head round it to be honest. That’s a new one, I thought. I’ve seen everything, mate.”

Kasabian headline V in Chelmsford on Saturday 22 August and Staffordshire on Sunday 23 August.

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