It’s impossible to ignore Coldplay. Headlining Glastonbury three times, playing huge stadium tours around the world and winning almost every award imaginable, the quartet, led by Chris Martin, have proved that being friendly and writing nice songs can make you the biggest band on the planet.

While a buzz had formed around them off the back of debut album Parachutes, it was their accomplished A Rush Of Blood To The Head that showed people what the band could achieve. The following record, X & Y, featured the track Fix You that, along with a growing popularity, took the band into the stadiums.

Coldplay have worked with superstars like Rihanna, redefined what a light show can be (with their flashing wristbands), played Dingwalls the same year they played the X-Factor final, and a whole host of other ridiculous things.

Proving that the opportunities for a globally popular band are endless, Coldplay handle superstardom with modesty and professionalism, always writing great songs and making superb albums.

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