Yanny Or Laurel Explained By Science Teacher

16 May 2018, 13:33 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 13:49

Toby was baffled by the audio version of "The Dress" so he asked a science teacher to explain the viral conundrum.

This week will forever be known as the week the internet gave us the audio version of "The Dress": Yanny or Laurel.

If you've yet to hear the clip for yourself, which sounds different depending on who hears it, have a listen here.

Like the rest of the internet, Toby's mind was slightly blown by the whole thing, so they decided to find out just how it works by calling on Keiron the science teacher.

Watch our video and find out why exactly the audio mind-bender sounds different depending on the person.

According to Kieron, it turns out that it's down to "perceptually ambiguous stimulus" which means our brains interpret it one way or the other.

There's apparently actually two differently pitched pieces of audio playing, one which is high and one which is low.

And because they're played at the same time and the same volume, your brain essentially just chooses one to listen to. 

But why on earth does it change for some people?

The science teacher reckons the lower pitched audio won't be heard over some sets of speakers, which can be the reason why it changes for some of us.