WATCH: This AOL Advert Is The Most 90s Thing Ever

9 December 2017, 15:00

Remember the days of dial-up internet with this vintage 1996 commercial.

Remember the days when to get on the internet, you needed to get a CD-ROM, install it on your PC (as long as it ran Windows 95) and then set up an account with a company like AOL? 

If not, then you’ve probably grown up with superfast broadband as standard and know nothing of dial-up internet. Lucky.

It seems like another age now, but take a look at this American TV ad from 1996 - it’s the most 90s thing ever, straight out of the Friends era. 

The haircuts, the clothes, the great big monitors, websites with pages full of text… hell, even the music sounds like the theme from The Simpsons.

Take a trip back into time…