WATCH: This Family Take Christmas Games To A Whole New Level

26 December 2017, 10:00

HILARIOUS Real-Life Game Of Mouse Trap! - (Must Play Family Christmas Game 2017)


The excruciating game challenges family members to walk over 200 Lego pieces and several mouse traps.

A family have ramped up their festive family games by devising a gruelling and hilarious real-life mouse trap.

Watch them in our clip, which was shared on YouTube by Pranks For Laughs above.

The video sees two blindfolded family members attempt to cross a deadly obstacle course made up of lego pieces and mouse traps that would make anyone's eyes water. 

But why you ask? Well... to get the forks from the other side of the room of course!

As you've probably already imagined, there aren't really any winners in this game.

Try getting this past the in-laws!