WATCH: Dustin Diamond Plays Murdered Harvey Weinstein In Music Video

28 December 2017, 10:47 | Updated: 28 December 2017, 10:50

TENLo - Kill All The Things Ft. Dustin Diamond


The Saved By The Bell star depicts the disgraced Hollywood mogul in TENLo's extremely violent video.

Dustin Diamond has been known for making some controversial career choices, and his latest is no exception.

The Saved By The Bell has chosen to star as Harvey Weinstein in TENLo's aptly named track Kill All The Things.

Watch it above.

The promo, sees the 40-year-old star - who's best known for playing Screech in the 90s teen sitcom - strut around imbibing various substances before he's lured to a hotel room by a femme fatale.

However, soon enough it all turns into a total blood bath as his co-star goes on to violently stab him to death.

The video, which was directed by Joshua Mendez, also carries the subheading "takes of sex and retribution" and it certainly has plenty of both.

And just in case the whole concept of the video wasn't controversial enough, there's also a bit of religious imagery thrown in for extra measure.