WATCH: The Five Stages Of Missing Out On Gig Tickets

13 April 2018, 09:58 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 12:28

We've all been through the pain...

As Arctic Monkeys tickets went on general sale this Friday (13 April), it got us thinking about all the pain and disappointment that goes into the ticket buying process.

We've all been there; you've set aside a morning to buy the tickets to the gig of your dreams and yet somehow you fail miserably.

Whether it's a new artist, your favourite band or the dreaded sale for Glastonbury Festival, failing to get gig tickets is one of the most disheartening moments a music-lover can go through. 

Let Radio X take you through The 5 Stages on Missing Out on Gig Tickets... with a little help from Michael from the US version of The Office aka Steve Carell. 

Watch our video above and see if you recognise these painful symptoms below: 


It's five minutes past the on-sale hour and you've refreshed your tab more times than you care to admit, but SOMEHOW the tickets have all gone. Nah, that can't be right. They can't have sold out all ready can they? CAN THEY? There's just no way. You open another tab just to be sure. You can't accept it. You WON'T accept it. 




So, the tickets have sold out and it's time to get very very sad. They weren't ever yours to begin with but somehow losing them is very very real. It's like the loss off a pet, or an old friend. You've never felt so bereft... well not since the last time anyway.




It's just a fault with the website though surely? It must have just crashed because of such a high demand. It'll be up working again in no time, wont it? Won't it? You just give it one more refresh before you head to their Twitter page. 




Seriously though, it can't be true can it? They'll announce another date, or release more tickets. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS CAN'T BE IT! You're not a spiritual person, but maybe it's time for prayer...



4. RAGE 

It's the moment you've been dreading. You've just gone onto their social media pages and it's confirmed that the tickets have sold out in just under 30 minutes. You're now mad. You blame everyone and everything you can think of; your internet connection; the bloody touts who you'll see standing outside the gig in a few months; the people who are bragging on Twitter who aren't even real fans. You hate them ALL!