VIDEO: Why Romesh Ranganathan was held hostage in a women's toilet...

24 December 2018, 13:23 | Updated: 24 December 2018, 13:27

The Reluctant Landlord star told Radio X's Gordon Smart about the embarrassing moment which happened at a gig.

Romesh Ranganathan has recalled the time he was accidentally "held hostage" in a women's loo.

Speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart, he explained: "Basically what happened is I went to a gig, and I'd eaten something dodgy the night before, so launch sequence had been initiated.

"And so I turned up at this gig, which was in the back of the pub and I said to the staff 'where's the toilet, where's the toilet?' I was sort of sweating..."

Watch our video above for the full story.

Romesh Ranganathan talks about being held hostage in a women's toilet
Romesh Ranganathan talks about being held hostage in a women's toilet. Picture: Radio X

He continued: "They said 'oh the mens toilet's not working. Just run into the women's'. So I just went to the women's toilet and just sat in the cubicle and then they just came in and started chatting and I thought, 'I've just got to remain here until they leave'".

That's not where it ended though as soon a woman knocked on the side of his cubicle door to ask if he had any spare loo roll.

Rather than speak up and reveal he's a man or show-off his man hands under the cubicle, Romesh just "stayed silent" and ended up being called a "moody cow" for his troubles!

Allow Romesh to explain the types of people you'll almost definitely see down at a British boozer: