VIDEO: When Chris Pratt Thought He Had To Finger A Sandwich...

21 June 2018, 13:15

We celebrate the Jurassic World actor's birthday by looking back at his hilarious inteview with Chris Moyles.

Chris Pratt turns 39 today, and to celebrate we're remembering the time the actor revealed his rude misunderstanding of afternoon tea.

Talking about suggestions that he experience "high tea," the Jurassic World actor explained how he mistook "finger sandwiches" for having to actually finger a sandwich. 

Watch our video above to hear his hilarious story again.

Speaking to Moyles, the Guardians of the Galaxy star explained: "Somebody told me you have to have high tea and finger sandwiches.

"When I heard her say that, I thought 'why would I finger a sandwich?'"

He added: "It's such a weird thing to do with a pile of sandwiches. I'm oddly intrigued! What do these sandwiches look like? Do they deserve to be handled in that way?"

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