The Coral performing Dreaming Of You is pure nostalgia

2 September 2020, 20:52

Watch James Skelly and co play their much-loved 2002 single from their eponymous debut specially for Radio X

Released in 2002, Dreaming Of You made waves across the indie scene and graced many a dancefloor at the end of a club night.

It's hard to believe the single is over getting on for twenty years old, because it still sounds bang up to date.

When James Skelly and The Coral came into the Radio X studio to promote their album Move Through The Dawn. they also delivered an epic rendition of their hit.

Sit back, relax and let the dulcet tones of one The Coral wash over you in our video above.

Meanwhile, The Coral's James Skelly has talked about working with Blossoms and the advice he gave the Stockport band.

Speaking to Radio X, Skelly revealed how the gig of producing the Stockport band’s debut LP from 2016 came about.

He explained: “Someone sent me them, saying ‘these would be good on Skeleton Key and it was really early - they’d just done a demo. Think it was Blow, I just went and met them and said let’s try and record something. Once we started recording, it just went from there.”

Was it true that every time Blossoms wrote a record, James would encourage the band to buy new and expensive piece of equipment... "Which I can use and borrow off them!” laughs Skelly.

“We just use Blossoms’ gear now!”