VIDEO: Danny Dyer Is Perfect Mashed Up With The Streets

2 June 2018, 17:40 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 17:55

We mark the cockney geezer's birthday by paying homage to this fan-made clip.

To celebrate Danny Dyer's birthday today, we're sharing a mash-up of Danny Dyer and The Streets.

The fan-made clip, shared on Twitter by David Thorp, sees him mix an excerpt from the cockney hardman's Deadliest Men series with the outfit's 2004 Blinded By The Lights single.

Watch his ingenious clip above.

Meanwhile, Danny Dyer made audiences crack up during his stint on Good Evening Britain.

And one fan was so impressed, they turned it into a dance banger.

Relive the magic moment all over again in the form of song, courtesy of Dave Wol, who shared a video on Facebook of Dyer's appearance:

Watch his rant, where he referred to the former Prime Minister Dave Cameron as a "twat" here:

The cockney geezer also tackled his daughter's involvement in Britain's second most talked about topic, Love Island, and went on to say she would win the whole show.