VIDEO: Musician Plays A Giant iPhone Bass Guitar Like It's No Big Deal

14 August 2018, 10:55 | Updated: 14 August 2018, 11:00

The bassist from Danish rock band D-A-D has put his own spin on the instrument.

The world of Rock 'N' Roll isn't known for being low-key, so it's not that surprising to see instruments modified for maximum effect.

But a recent post shared by a Danish rock band has seen the glam-rock trend taken to a whole new level, and made bang up to date for millennial audiences.

As Kerrang! reports, D-A-D (who were originally named Disneyland After Dark) shared a video of their bassist Stigge Pedersen playing a bass guitar shaped like an iPhone.

Watch a clip of it in our video above.

Not bad for a band formed in the early 80s...

Bassist from Danish rock band D-A-D plays bass in shape of iPhone
Bassist from Danish rock band D-A-D plays bass in shape of iPhone. Picture: Facebook/ D-A-D

We have no idea why he came up with the idea, or indeed how he made the ostentatious piece of kit, or if it actually works as a genuine camera phone.

But perhaps the most poignant question to ask of all is: is his iPhone bass simply a creative piece of folly or a wry criticism on the use of smartphones at gigs?

Either way it's pretty damn genius.

Watch D-A-D's full performance here:

A walk in the park. 🎸 I want what she’s got and A laugh and a half.

Posted by D-A-D on Saturday, 11 August 2018