VIDEO: James Buckley makes his 80s mixtape

22 March 2019, 17:43 | Updated: 22 March 2019, 17:46

Watch our video where the White Gold star tells us whether he'd ditch or keep some of the most iconic tracks of the era.

James Buckley currently stars in White Gold which sees him play an 80s double glazing salesman, so we thought we get him to compile the ultimate 80s mixtape.

Actually, we gave him a bunch of the cheesiest, most iconic tracks from the era and got him to decide whether to keep them on his playlist.

Does The Inbetweeners star go down the cool route and eliminate the likes of Bonnie Tyler and Bros?

Or does he turn around and welcome them both with open arms.

Watch our video above and find out what bands he thinks were omitted.

Buckley came into the show earlier this month and talked about the "disastrous" Inbetweeners reunion show.

Back in January, the actor - who played the role of Jay Cartwright in the hit C4 series - went viral after apologising to fans for the programme which saw him reunite with his co-stars Joe Thomas (Simon), Simon Bird (Will) and Blake Harrison (Neil) for a retrospective on the coming-of-age drama.

Asked what else he had in the pipeline, Buckley told Chris Moyles: "I'm thinking of taking a year off because I just went insane after the disastrous Inbetweeners reunion."

The actor added jokingly: "Chris, there was so many problems. It was a real lightening in a bottle moment of problems and we managed to catch it at the right moment."

Watch him explain all in our video above:

White Gold is available to watch on BBC Two or BBC iPlayer now