Street Performer Drums And Juggles At The Same Time

19 June 2018, 13:39

See the talented performer's trick on the streets on Spain.

A street performer has refined the art of multitasking in Spain by playing the drums and juggling at the same time. 

The talented musician can be seen in the clip playing the drums faultlessly while he juggles his drumsticks. 

Watch our video above, courtesy of Jukin.

The artist in the video is Fuman Stick Toss and he describes himself as a Musicologist on his website. 

In the viral clip, Fuman juggles the sticks in the air and then throws them at the drum kit located metres away in order to play the rhythm.

The complex routine certainly impresses the crowds as people can be seen coming to watch the man perform before leaving some money.

The clip ends when the performer drops his sticks after a seriously impressive amount a time of not missing a beat.

The crowd give him a round of applause, clearly still happy with his stellar performance.