WATCH: Is This Mum Right To Charge £30 For Christmas Dinner?

30 November 2017, 12:19 | Updated: 30 November 2017, 18:54

Where do you stand on Christmas dinner-gate? Take our poll.

Christmas is expensive. And - if recent reports are to be believed - it's going to get about 16% more pricey this year thanks to Brexit. 

One brave mum went on ITV's This Morning  to reveal she makes her adult family members pay £30 for Christmas dinner, and it was met with pretty mixed reviews.

Watch Gemma Andrew's argument in the video above. 

Anyone who's made a full Christmas dinner knows how pricey and it can get, AND how annoying it is to keep warm when family members turn up late - or worse still - bring EXTRA GUESTS.

So, is she really wrong to expect a bit of money back for all her efforts? Then again... it is the season of goodwill.

What do you reckon? Is she in the right or not?


Photo credit: ITV/This Morning