VIDEO: The Killers Tribute Band Guitarist Faceplants Drum Kit, Carries On Like A Pro

18 August 2018, 21:00 | Updated: 18 August 2018, 21:01

Watch the hilarious moment the musician fell directly onto his bandmate’s drum-kit while performing live on stage.

Tripping and falling onstage comes with the territory when you're a musician, but this guitarist was so into the music he managed to add to the percussion by falling straight into the drum kit.

Watch our video of his accident here.

The guitarist from The Fillers (which of course are Killers tribute band) is known for being particularly accident prone, also breaking his foot while jumping off an amp.

Although he’s clumsy on stage, his fellow bandmates say he’s relatively stable in his day job as a plumber and it’s the energy of the crowds that makes him get a little too excited.

“In the rest of his life he is reasonably stable which as a plumber is a good thing because he gets to keep his fingers!” The Fillers said. 

“We love the energy of the crowd. It sometimes makes us do stupid things!”

The band said that fortunately only the guitarist’s ego and pride were injured in this particular mishap but it could have been much, much worse.

“The guitar is actually a collectors piece from 1975 that is rare and very expensive,” they said. 

“The drum kit is also the Ferrari of drum kits so the potential damage could have been in the tens of thousands.”

Credit: Jukin Media

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