VIDEO: DMA'S translate Australian slang

14 March 2020, 21:00 | Updated: 14 March 2020, 21:01

Watch DMA'S guitarist Johnny Took explain the meaning of everything from a "bludger" to a "sook".

British audiences have really taken the DMA'S to our hearts, with their look and sound often compared to everyone from The Stone Roses to Oasis.

Some fans might be surprised to hear that the Silver trio hail from Australia, but after watching this video you'll have no doubt that the trio were raised in Down Under.

Guitarist and songwriter Johnny Took stopped by to translate some of the most well-used phrases in Aussie slang, and some others you may not have heard of yet.

Watch our video above to get the lowdown on a "sook," a "schooner," and everything in between.

DMA'S Johnny Took translates Australian slag
DMA'S Johnny Took translates Australian slag. Picture: Radio X

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Meanwhile, DMA'S have shared an Orbital remix of their new Life Is A Game Of Changing single.

Listen to it here:

The single is the first track to come from forthcoming album, The Glow - which follows the band's 2016 debut offering Hills End, and their 2018 sophomore album For Now - is set for release on 24 April 2020.

DMA'S have just played two dates in London, and they'll be heading back to the UK for festival dates across the summer, where they'll be everywhere from Hit The North Festival to Sounds of the City 2020.

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