Advent Calendar #1: Will You Get What You Want This Christmas?

1 December 2017, 06:00 | Updated: 5 December 2017, 15:11

Rolling back 2017 with the best bits of Radio X, we look at the time Chris Moyles and Dominic Byrne were given something unusual…

Let’s kick off the Radio X Advent Calendar - 24 days of great moments from the shows, the guests and the big moments of 2017, all the way up to Christmas Eve, with a cheeky bonus on Christmas Day.

Christmas is a time for giving AND receiving gifts. But what have you always wanted? And how excited would you get if you were finally given your dream present?

Chris Moyles and Dominic Byrne were given a particularly unusual present each - a mobility scooter!

And the only thing to do with them was to race around Leicester Square… but who won?

Check back tomorrow for another great moment in the Radio X Advent Calendar.