X-Posure Playlist Thursday 2 January 2014

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Tips For 2014 Part 2 - M-Z

Menace Beach ‘Fortune Teller’ (Memphis Industries)
Most Thieves ‘Prometheus’
Mausi ‘Body Language’
Megaemotion ‘Brains’
Miss Modular ‘Cruzer Edge’ (Her)
Moody Good ‘Grumbles And Sparkles’
Kendra Morris ‘Concrete Waves’
Mirror Signal ‘Broken Soldier’
Marmozets ‘Move.Shake.Hide’ (Vibetech)
The May Birds ‘In This Dream I Had’
Mutado Pintado ‘The Tick’
Northern American ‘Wander’ (Heist Or Hit)
New Desert Blues ‘Christoph’ (Whiteley)
Ofei ‘London’ (O)
Only Real ‘Punks And Potions’ (Luv Luv Luv)
Of Mice And Men ‘You’re Not Alone’
Panama ‘Always’
Patterns ‘Our Ego’
Patten ‘Aviary’ (Warp)
Perkie ‘Walls Come Crashing’
Press To Meco ‘Affinity’
Eugene Quell ‘Lull’
Radkey ‘Out Here In My Head’ (www.radkey.net)
Radstewart ‘Fix The Roads’ (Alcopop!)
Recreations ‘The Bubble’
John J. Presley ‘Sweet Sister’ (www.johnjpresley.com)
Rhodes ‘Raise Your Love’
Rainer ‘Satin’
Ripley ‘Aquacrunk’
Rivals ‘I’m Not An Animal’
Royal Blood ‘Come On Over’
Rosie Lowe ‘Right Thing’
Ry X ‘Berlin’
The Run Up ‘Do Something Do Anything’
Slaves ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’
Skinny Girl Diet ‘Douchebag’
Seize The Chair ‘I Just Want To Sleep’
Skaters ‘Deadbolt’
Superfood ‘Bubbles’
Sisters ‘Hush Hush’
September Girls ‘Heartbeats’ (Fortuna Pop!)
Shinies ‘Boxing Day’
Sivu ‘Better Man Than He’
She Makes War ‘Delete’
Snowbird ‘All Wishes Are Ghosts’ (Bella Union)
Southern ‘Shout It’ (Marathon Artists)
Soulmates Never Die 'Unknown'
Spectres ‘Sooky Eyeball’
Stats ‘2 Minds’
Six Years ‘Imagination’
Sudanim ‘Midrift’
Sampha ‘Too Much’
Rejjie Snow ‘Loveleen’
Too Many T’s ‘Four Four’
Trampolene ‘Under The Strobe Light’
Telegram ‘Follow’
Temples ‘Mesmerise’
Tea Street Band ‘Lost For Words’
Titeknots ‘Down The Drain’
The Tuts ‘Dump Your Boyfriend (live)’ (Bandcamp)
Vodun ‘Oya’
Victories At Sea ‘Stay Positive’
We The Wild ‘Body Electric’
Whales In Cubicles ‘Golden Medal’
The Witch Hunt ‘Army Man’
The Wytches ‘Robe For Juda’
Rory Wynne ‘The Storm’
Woman’s Hour ‘Bleeding Love’
Yogi ‘Christian Bale’
Young Fathers ‘War’