WATCH: How Toby Tarrant Got His Rolling Stones Bum Tattoo...

25 April 2018, 14:36 | Updated: 25 April 2018, 14:42

You may have seen Toby's tattoo on his naked bike ride this week, but who remembers how he got it?

Toby Tarrant did something amazing last week. He ran the London Marathon and raised tons of cash for Global's Make Some Noise charity as a result.

If that wasn't enough, he promised he'd cycle naked around Leicester Square totally starkers if he received over £30,000 in donations AND kept his word!

Toby didn't leave much to the imagination on his bike ride, being naked as the day he was born except for his trainers and his tattoo of The Rolling Stones' lips and tongue logo.

But how did he get the tat in the first place? Just in-case you don't remember, we've got the story for you right here.

It all started when Pippa challenged Toby to get a bum tattoo live on-air and obviously he accepted it.

Soon after it was decided that Pippa would be GIVING him the tattoo herself, and she set about getting some training.

Watch her at work here:

Finally the moment came for Pippa to do it for real, and actually she did a pretty good job.

Toby's mum was less than impressed though. Watch Toby getting The Rolling Stones tongue and lips in our video above.

After it was all done and dusted he decided to tell his mum and get Pippa to meet her live on-air. She was still pretty angry about it though.

If anything this tale has taught us two things about the Radio X DJ; Toby Tarrant really doesn't mind getting naked and is a definitely a man of his word!

Total legend. 

Re-live his legendary bike ride more time:

If you'd still like to donate to Make Some Noise for Toby's sterling effort, click here.