VIDEO: Toby gets birthday surprise from Paprika the pet pig

29 October 2019, 14:06 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 14:11

Watch the moment Toby was left gobsmacked when his mum surprised him with their house pig, who'd travelled all the way from Surrey.

Toby Tarrant celebrated his birthday while filling in for Chris Moyles on breakfast this week.

Naturally, we couldn't let his big day go by without fanfare, and showered him with plenty of chocolates and sweet treats to celebrate turning another year older.

But, when Pippa told him she had a special surprise in store for him, there's no way he was expecting what happened next...

Enter Paprika; Toby's mum's HUGE house pig to give him a slice of home from home.

Toby couldn't quite work out how this pig got in the city, but he was sow excited when the absolute babe walked in.

In fact, you could say Pippa and Toby's mum Ingrid went whole HOG!

Watch our video to relive the madness and see Paprika in her full glory!

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