VIDEO: Toby's dramatic reading of this Glastonbury review is hilarious

6 July 2020, 17:15 | Updated: 6 July 2020, 19:13

A journalist found an old review he'd dictated to his boss after watching Underworld in 1999... and it's fair to say he had a very good time.

Last month as people shared their Glastonbury memories, Toby stumbled across something on Twitter that was absolute gold.

A journalist called Ian Wade found an old review he'd dictated down the phone to his editor after watching Underworld's set at the Somerset festival in 1999, and thankfully he shared it on social media have a laugh at 21 years later

And... just in case wasn't already obvious how much fun Ian was having at the time... Toby decided to do a dramatic reading of the bonkers review live on-air.

Watch Toby pay homage to the epic masterpiece in our video above.

See the review in all its splendour here:

Remind yourself of when Lorraine Kelly did a dramatic reading of Gerry Cinnamon's Canter: