Communion’s Top 5 Songs Of The Week (7 February 2016)

7 February 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 10:50

The Strumbellas

Maz Tappuni brings you a selection of tunes that are currently rocking the offices of the world famous label. Tuck in!

Gideon Bensen - Talk Talk

You might know Gideon Bensen from Australian outfit The Preatures. Their track Is This How You Feel? is a feel good summer song that now features on most playlists, so was intrigued to hear Gideon’s new single Talk Talk. It’s pretty raucous and quite crisp, that chorus keeps pulling you in.


Jelani Blackman - Submarine

Not much online about Jelani Blackman and his track Submarine. He started off as a grime artist, so the vocal delivery of the song is pretty striking, and sits along a soulful piano melody. Interesting song.


The Strumbellas - Spirits

When you first hear The Strumbellas and Spirits, you’ll probably think of The Lumineers, just like I did. It’s big happy american rock song that you’ll find yourself nodding along to. Not sure how long I give it until it’s on an advert.


Matthew And The Atlas - Elijah

Matthew And The Atlas is one of the artists that we work with over at Communion records. His return, Elijah, is simply stunning. He has a very unique voice, and the reverb heavy guitar and ambient soundscape melodies put chills on the back of your neck. This is your goosebump moment.


Nico Yaryan - Just Tell Me

If you’re driving down some American Highway in a yellow convertible then make sure it's Nico Yaryan and his track Just Tell Me on the playlist. Rich soulful indie sounds, born to Californian hippies in the 80’s, all makes sense now.