Would Ant & Dec ever appear on Strictly Come Dancing?

26 May 2022, 19:33 | Updated: 26 May 2022, 19:35

Will Ant & Dec ever do Strictly?

The dynamic duo take a grilling from Chris Moyles...

It's been a busy week for Ant and Dec.

Firstly, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnell have launched a new book for kids, Propa Happy, which will raise funds for the NSPCC.

Secondly, they're presenting the Prince's Trust Awards in the Platinum Jubilee year...

And finally, they've confirmed that I'm A Celebrity will be back in Australia list year, after the pandemic sent them all to a castle in Wales for the past couple of series.

Not only all that, but the boys came into Radio X to sit in on The Chris Moyles Show, where they revealed whether they'd ever take part in any other reality TV show, like Strictly Come Dancing.

And, after 32 years as a partnership, do they still go on holiday together?

Plus, Chris has some juicy intel on the pair - one of them has electric curtains in their bedroom. But which one is it? And how has Chris got hold of this information?

Find out by watching the video.

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