What car will Dom be driving for Car Roulette?

5 February 2019, 03:00 | Updated: 5 February 2019, 03:01

Will it be a Jag? Will it be a Porsche? Find out which mean machine Dom will be driving round and round…

We are now merely DAYS away from Car Roulette on The Chris Moyles Show.

On Friday, Dominic Byrne will be driving a car around a test track dressed as a giant roulette wheel. Whichever number he’s at when we finally runs out of petrol will be assigned to one lucky listener - who will win a brand new car!

One last detail awaits us - what kind of car will Dom be driving in this incredible competition? The team take him through the options… a Jaguar, maybe? How about a nice Porsche?

Watch the disappointment on Dom’s face.

Here are those Car Roulette rules again if you missed them…

And The Stig gives Dom some advice on how to stay sane while driving in circles at speed.

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