WATCH: Pippa ordered 120 eggs and Chris Moyles can't get over it

1 April 2020, 16:30 | Updated: 1 April 2020, 17:40

Pippa ordered in bulk so she could hand out eggs to her loved ones, but she's still got quite a few to get through...

Pippa's out of isolation this week and back on The Chris Moyles Show, but that doesn't mean she's not preparing for the worst.

She finally got the chance to order some eggs, so when there was a minimum order, she thought she'd go for a nice round number of 120.

Pippa has given away 50 to those around her in her community, and eaten eight of them... so she's still got quite a way to go.

Watch Chris Moyles' reaction to her 'panic buy,' and Andi Peters' tips for her 52 remaining eggs.

Pippa Taylor, Andi Peters and Chris Moyles
Pippa Taylor, Andi Peters and Chris Moyles. Picture: Radio X

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