WATCH: Pippa can't stop cringing over her Shen Yun interview

18 February 2020, 16:25

Chris Moyles has managed to get his hands on Pippa's full Shen Yun interview, and she can't stop cringing over it.

Last week, The Chris Moyles Show saw showed a clip of Pippa reacting after experiencing the splendour of the Shen Yun 2020 World Tour.

We all had a good laugh at Pippa's gushing interview, but unfortunately for the producer, it wasn't over there.

Chris Moyles and the team managed to track down the full 15-minute interview for us to enjoy, and for Pippa to absolutely cringe over.

Watch the Pippa squirm as we relive that moment she was asked about what she thought about the night.

Pippa cringes over her full Shen Yun interview
Pippa cringes over her full Shen Yun interview. Picture: Radio X

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