WATCH: Paddy McGuinness tells Chris Moyles about being banned from TikTok

29 April 2020, 16:01 | Updated: 29 April 2020, 16:08

The comedian, actor and television presenter spoke to The Chris Moyles Show this morning about all things lockdown.

Paddy McGuinness FaceTimed into The Chris Moyles Show this week and discussed how he's coping with the lockdown.

The Farnworth comedian, actor and TV personality we all know and love has been keeping himself busy at home by creating amusing TikTok videos, but revealed today he's been banned from the mini-video sharing site.

Speaking to Chris Moyles, the former Take Me Out host said: "I put three videos on, two were banned, and I'm now banned.

"So that was a very short TikTok career, thank you."

He added: "I honestly think they've gone: 'Hang on, it's a 46-year-old man dancing in his garden, we don't need this."

Find out more in our video above.

Paddy McGuinness talks being banned from TikTok to Chris Moyles
Paddy McGuinness talks being banned from TikTok to Chris Moyles. Picture: Radio X

Chris also caught up with Tom Grennan this week, who talked about his Oh Please single, his upcoming new album and how he's been comping during lockdown back at home.

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