WATCH: Your designs for Dom’s Car Roulette motor are hilarious

6 February 2019, 15:49 | Updated: 6 February 2019, 15:54

You’ve been suggesting ways to pimp Dominic’s ride for Car Roulette on Friday… and there are some gems!

Friday, 8 February will see DOMINIC BYRNE head off to a TOP SECRET location where he will be DRIVING ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND on a test track in an amazing game of CAR ROULETTE.

The track will be a HUGE ROULETTE WHEEL and whichever number he stops at will mean a prize for one lucky listener - a brand new car!

We’ve already picked the car that Dom will be driving - or should that be Ka - but how are we going to dress up the motor?

“Let’s have a look at your options of what you could be driving around the track on Friday,” announces Chris.

There are a stack of Dominic Byrne favourites, including Bono… Babestation… and eggs?

“Not in a million years!” says Dom of one design, while you need to see the bizarre concoction dreamt up by one listener.

“Can I poo poo that one as well?” says an underwhelmed Dom.

“I wouldn't say poo poo,” says Chris.

See all the choices above. *Some* of these design will appear on the Ford Ka for Friday's Car Roulette!