WATCH: Chris Moyles gets James ready for his first day of school

3 September 2019, 16:33 | Updated: 3 September 2019, 16:41

It's the week millions of British kids return back to school from their summer holidays, but Chris Moyles thinks our producer James should be there too.

This week is back to school week for most kids, which is why Chris Moyles thought he'd take the opportunity to post an image of James in his finest school uniform.

It's no secret that the 31-year-old Chris Moyles Show producer is baby-faced, but Chris thought he'd point out just how young he looks.

It's alright though, because Pippa's offered to drop him off at the school gates, and the listeners got in on the fun too by offering him everything from protractors to pencil cases!

Poor James!

To be fair, we reckon he looks pretty smart... Well, a lot smarter than when a 10 year old tricked him into eating his dodgy chocolate.

Remind yourself of the classic moment here:

WATCH: James gets pranked by Chris Moyles