WATCH: We Found Who Did That Epic Snooker Choo-Choo!

10 March 2018, 08:30

A listener got on the "choo-choo" train at the snooker on Sunday, and he finally came forward!

Some legend did the Choo-Choo at the snooker on Sunday and we've been trying to track them down ever since. 

Luckily, Richard came forward and took us through what was going through his head when he pulled off the epic prank.

Watch our video above.

Showing his true commitment to the cause, Richard's wife told him not to do it, and he went ahead anyway-meaning he's had the silent treatment all week.

What a legend!

Check out his belter at the snooker, courtesy of the BBC:


Remind yourself of how it all began, when producer Matt was challenged to do it when he visited the special London edition of The Late Late Show With James Corden.

We even tried to get it happening for team GB:

Our listeners totally smash it every time. Keep it coming guys!