WATCH: Dom's idea of playing snap at casinos is something else

31 August 2019, 07:00 | Updated: 31 August 2019, 07:01

This week, Dom let everyone on The Chris Moyles Show know how much knowledge he has of casinos... which it turns out isn't very much.

Dom is back in the Radio X studio, and while he may have been on holiday, it doesn't mean he's missed a beat.

This morning, talk turned to casinos and while Dom admitted that he's only been in a casino once or twice in his life, he's got a cracking idea of what games should be played in them.

Watch our video to find out just what he's got up his sleeve.

Dom might know very little when it comes to gambling, but he loves a good challenge.

Find out what happened when he was challenged to high five none other than Sadiq Khan at Stevie Wonder's Hyde Park gig:

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