WATCH: Chris Moyles loses it over listener's lockdown text

6 April 2020, 17:19

This week sees The Chris Moyles Show dealing with with listener texts, and Chris is absolutely taking no prisoners.

Chris Moyles blew up over a listener text today and it made for some entertaining watching.

The Radio X DJ was talking about lockdow when he took one response just a little bit too seriously.

It turns out that it was all a bit of a wind up on the listener's part, but that didn't stop his amazing reaction.

Watch him react to the listener in our video above.

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Chris Moyles loses it at listener texts
Chris Moyles loses it at listener texts. Picture: Radio X

If you're a listener to the show, you'll know that Chris Moyles likes to blow off steam every now and again.

Find out what happened with Chris was put in a temporary studio:

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