WATCH: Andi Peters’ Buttocks Are Now On Instagram!

The TV legend made a deal with Chris that he’d post a photo of his derriere if he helped him reach 20,000 Instagram followers.

Andi Peters came into the studio last week to see Chris and, naturally, they got chatting about Instagram followers.

Last time Andi was in, Chris managed to get him to four thousand followers. He was wondering how many it would take him to get this time for the TV presenter to post his buttocks on the Gram.

Turns out that Andi’s ‘price’ is 20,000 followers – a number that proved to be perhaps slightly too easily achievable.

Watch above as Andi FaceTimed the studio so the team could witness the upload live and hold him to his word.

This isn’t the first time Andi has visited the studio. Watch here when he stopped by the open the new Radio X studio.