VIDEOS: Chris Moyles wants a something pretty crap this Christmas

15 December 2018, 06:00

The Radio X DJ revealed his he would love a Squatty Potty this year, but Pippa isn't convinced.

Chris Moyles is a man of simple tastes, which is why when it comes to Christmas he doesn't want anything big or expensive, but something really down to earth and useful.

Find out just why he's so keen on the Squatty Potty in our video.

Talk about down to earth... He'd be practically be on the floor!

Chris Moyles wants a squatty potty for Christmas
Chris Moyles wants a squatty potty for Christmas. Picture: Radio X

Chris is so passionate about the product, he could be selling it on a teleshopping channel.

Speaking of teleshopping channels... do you remember the time Chris and Dom had their own? No?

Remind yourself here: