VIDEO: Toby Tarrant can't get over this dog-themed pelvic scan

10 March 2020, 17:56 | Updated: 10 March 2020, 17:59

Toby can't get over this pelvic scan that looks like a dog
Toby can't get over this pelvic scan that looks like a dog. Picture: Radio X/ Getty Creative

Toby is a fan of all things weird, so when an Australian woman declared she could see her own dog in her pelvic scan, he just had to take a look.

Toby Tarrant is a big fan of the weird and wonderful, and an even bigger fan of faces that get discovered in food.

He's seen enough Jesus in toast to last him a lifetime, so it takes a bit more to get him excited these days...

That was before he came across something even more miraculous; a scan of a pelvis that has a dog's face in it.

Yes, that's right - a woman from Australia was so struck to find her pet pooch George was in her scan, she decided to tell the world about it.

Find out what Dom and Toby had to say, and whether they thought it looked RUFF, in our video above.

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