VIDEO: Toby and Pippa get a WhatsApp from their imaginary child Terry

22 July 2019, 17:02 | Updated: 22 July 2019, 17:15

This week Toby got a message from one of our listeners that was a little unnerving... and it's all Pippa's fault.

Toby Tarrant was taking over hosting duties on The Chris Moyles Show today and he got a very interesting Whatsapp audio message from a listener who was pretending to be his child.

Needless to say it was pretty unnerving, but also... quite true to life!

Watch our video above to find out what went down.

If you're wondering exactly why Pippa and Toby have an imaginary child, look no further than Pippa herself.

We reckon it's totally understandable to allow someone to assume you have a child when you go out to buy string... but would you go a step further and give the little blighter a name?

Find out how Pippa handled the awkward encounter in our video:

Only Pippa!