VIDEO: Pippa's accidental date to the Buddy Holly musical was something else

29 January 2019, 17:24 | Updated: 30 January 2019, 13:07

Watch our video to hear Pippa's story from her days working at Chelsea football ground, and how a random question from one of the groundsmen turned into a full blown date.

This week saw Pippa relive a story that will leave you laughing as well as cringing in your seat.

Pippa has a lot of positive attributes, but unfortunately her ability to say no isn't one of them.

Watch our video above to get another great story from the Pippa archives!

Back in her days working at Chelsea football ground Pippa was friendly with one or two of the groundsmen, and one in particular expressed his desire to go watch The Buddy Holly Story in the theatre.

Pippa tells her Buddy Holly musical date story
Pippa tells her Buddy Holly musical date story. Picture: Radio X

Asking Pippa if she'd ever like to see it, she answered yes not thinking anything of it. Lo and behold the next time she saw him, he produced a pair of two tickets to that very musical.

Without question Pippa stuck up to her side of the bargain, but when she turned up to the night there was a slight mismatch in expectations... and wardrobes!

Pippa turned up to the show wearing smart jeans, but was mortified to find the groundsman had worn a tuxedo. Oh, and he'd only booked a royal box and bought her as much merchandise as possible.

Well I think Pippa's finally learned her lesson... She'll never underdress for the theatre again!

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