VIDEO: Chris Moyles and Pippa's Hand Solo challenge was hilarious

18 July 2019, 18:19 | Updated: 18 July 2019, 19:29

The Chris Moyles Show challenges just stepped up a notch as Chris and Pippa took to the Radio X rooftop for one of their best games yet.

This week saw Chris and Pippa go ahead to head in a battle of wits, a battle of skill, a battle of agility... And a battle of who can eat a banana, put on pyjama bottoms and pop a prosecco bottle with just one hand!

Will Moyles' competitive streak win out, or will this challenge just be one more thing that Pippa is good at?

Find out who was victorious in our video above.

Remind yourself of the time Pippa did our blindfolded tent challenge:

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